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“I like having a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that was very reassuring for me. Its like night and day from what I had before, the care you get with the concierge program is incredible.”

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Now Accepting New Patients!

Now Accepting New Patients!

Get Lifelong Results in Weeks

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Signature is led by Ashish Sitapara M.D.

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"I felt very comfortable, the staff was friendly as well."

- Louis

"I like having a doctor available 24/7."

- Debbie

"We can call Dr. Sitapara anytime— Day or Night."

- Jennifer

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Personal Care

Having a limited amount of patients allows Dr. Sitapara to get to know you personally and build a relationship with you.  

Dr. Sitapara provides quality patient care and is dedicated to effective and lasting results.

Quality Treatment


Dr. Sitapara puts his patients first. You can contact him directly to remove any delay and get help as quickly.

770 Newtown Yardley Rd., Suite 220a Newtown, PA 18940

Dr. Sitapara is a recognized concierge doctor in the greater Philadelphia area who runs his practice with a compassionate and patient-focused outlook. He makes his patients a priority, providing them with around-the-clock care at their convenience.

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Schedule a Consultation

A professional, physician supervised 6-12 week weight loss program personalized to your body for lasting success.

The Signature Program

The program starts with a holistic evaluation to determine the physical and behavioral causes of unwanted weight gain, and develop a personalized long-term solution utilizing biofeedback, medication, meal replacements, and cutting edge technology.

  • Unique help for special conditions

  • In-person & Online appointment availability

  • Personal Wellness Coaching

It Works. 100% Works

No tips, tricks, wraps or gimmicks. The medical experts at Signature work WITH you to create a personalized clinical weight-loss program that is guaranteed to get lasting results.

6-12 Weeks to Lifelong Results



Hit your resolutions hard. Mention the promo code: Be Healthy during a consultation within the first 2 weeks of January, and you'll get the Initial Consultation completely free!

2021 New Year's Special Offer

2021 New Year's Special Offer

6-12 Weeks to Lifelong Results

Signature is led by Ashish Sitapara M.D.

(215) 968-4804