National Academy of Dental Technology Launched PPC Campaigns That Doubled Conversions Month After Month

National Academy of Dental Technology offers a 12-week program to fully train a student as a dental lab technician; this program is designed to give dental students a competitive edge in their future schooling and careers. 

Before working with Linear, NADT did not have any PPC campaigns up and running. They needed help creating and launching their PPC campaigns. After one week Linear had their campaigns launched and doubled conversions each month for over three months.

What We Did:

  • Single Keyword Ad Groups
  • Direct Facebook + Instagram Campaigns
  • Two Step Landing Pages
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Sales Tracking Integrations

Our goals with Linear were to increase conversions, and lower the cost per lead while still maintaining a high quality of leads. So far we've seen consistent improvements in the quantity and quality of leads. We enjoy working with Linear and look forward to continued growth! 

Camilla Peterson - Partner @ NADT


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